SilaMill updates

Before installing the firmware please contact our support.
Updating the firmware of the CNC machine
The firmware is the internal control software of your CNC machine. New versions may introduce new functions and improve existing ones. You receive new firmware versions on the following ways:

  • Together with new versions of DentalCNC.
    Obtain them regularly.

Damaging of the control unit when a firmware update is interrupted
If the firmware update is interrupted, for example by a power outage, by disconnecting the USB connection between the computer and the CNC machine, by closing DentalCNC etc., the control unit of the machine may take permanent damage.

  • Only update the firmware when a permanent electrical supply of the machine and the computer is guaranteed.
  • Only update the firmware if the computer runs stably and is free of malware.
  • Do not disconnect the CNC machine or the computer from the electrical source and do not switch off the machine or the computer during an update.
  • Do not close DentalCNC during an update.

In the following you find the current setup file in ZIP format for our software SilaMill.

SilaMill 4 Software

Update SilaMill 4, Version: 4.2.4

SilaMill 5 & 5.8 / SilaMill N4 / SilaMill T5 / SilaMill T5X Software

Attention: Before installation the firm-ware has to be updated.
Therefor we kindly ask you to contact us before installation. Thank you.

Stand: 29.05.2024


  1. Insert the dongle into the USB port of the computer which you will use for operating
    the milling machine.
  2. Download the installation file of the software using the donwload link on this site.
  3. Unpack the ZIP file.
  4. Start setup.exe and follow the instructions of the installation program.
  5. For further information see the software manual.
  6. Attention! Operating the software and milling machine is only possible with inserted dongle.