Renfert suction system – powerCAM EC

We offer you an excellent new suction unit from Renfert – the SILENT powerCAM EC. The suction unit is connected directly to the control electronics of the machine with a new data cable and can communicate bidirectional with the machine. With this you no longer need the switching unit anymore which made it possible to switch the power supply on and off on the suction unit. Moreover, the new suction unit is distinguished by its fine filter technology. You don’t need to exchange dust bags anymore.

With the new suction unit you therefor reduce running costs and at the same time increase operating comfort.

Further technical highlights of the SILENT powerCAM:

  • Maximum volume flow rate of approx. 4.000 l/m (over 20 % more than the SILENT TS)
  • Maximum low pressure of 257 mbar (approx. 30 % more than by the SILENT TS)
  • low maintenance EC motor with guaranteed 5.000 operating hours
  • Dust class M filter system with automatic filter cleaning saves you cleaning tasks
  • recommended for SilaMill 5 / 5.8 and T5 and for all those who expect maximum output from their suction units.

In the scope of delivery is a data cable for the connection with the machine. As several different data cables are available, which depend on the machine types, please mention your machine type for which you want to use the suction unit when you order.