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Non precious casting alloy based on cobalt for metal-ceramic accord. DIN EN ISO 22674, type 4.

TEK-1 LEG is an universal alloy for all kinds of crown and bridge frameworks. The low hardness allows an easy preparation, milling and polishing. This exceptional alloy is optimal for primary crowns and the secondary constructions according to the SILADENT TEK-1 one-piece-casting technology.
TEK-1 LEG can be used with all standard high-sintering bonding porcelains.       

Our safety data sheets and application instructions in PDF format:

  Material safety data sheet TEK-1 LEG

  Application instructions TEK-1 LEG

Density g/cm³ 8,6
Hardness VH 10 365
Proof stress (MPa) 475
Modulus of elasticity (Mpa) 223
Elongation at rupture % 8
Tensile strength MPa
Melting range (°C) 1.350 – 1.385
Casting temperature (°C) 1.485
Composition-%:  Co: 61,0%, Cr: 27,0%, Mo: 6,0%, W: 5,0%, Si: 1,0%
Other: Mn, C, Fe
261200 TEK-1 LEG – the casting alloy – 500 g
261210 TEK-1 LEG – the casting alloy – 1 kg