universal investment
Phosphate-bonded, graphite-free precision investment with a variety of uses and exceptional properties. For fast or conventional burnout. Suitable for crown and bridge cases, partial denture and combi techniques as well as Empress® and other press-ceramic systems, CrCo, fixed/removable appliances and castable ceramics.

  • Universal application
  • Expansion precisely regulated by using varying the liquid concentratione (Expansion liquid, type 100)
  • Very smooth casting surfaces with an excellent and reproducible fit
  • Well-proven for castable ceramics (e.g. Empress®/Ivoclar)
  • Suitable for all dental alloys (except titanium!)
  • Easy storage and better value because of its universal usesrange of applications.

Premium should be used with SILADENT – Expansion liquid, type 100!


Our safety data sheets and application instructions in PDF format:

  Material safety data sheet Premium

  Application instructions Premium

Processing time in minutes
Setting time in minutes
Setting expansion %
Compressive strength, after 1 hour(MPa)
Compressive strength, dry (MPa)
101801 Premium – 5,0 kg (32 x 160 g)
101814 Premium – 12,0 kg (200 x 60 g)
101802 Premium – 20,0 kg (125 x 160 g)
101803 Premium – 20,0 kg (4 x 5 kg)