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Keralloy KB

Non precious casting alloy based on cobalt for metal-ceramic accord. DIN EN ISO 22674, type 5.

Because of the low vickers hardness Keralloy® KB allows an optimal preparation and polishing. The alloy is very flexible during handling, ideal for crowns and bridges and milling work. It can be bonded with all standard high sintering porcelains.
Keralloy® KB is high corrosion-resistant and free of beryllium, indium and gallium.

Recommended investment: TeleVest, Premium, Presto Vest, Silavest KB

Our safety data sheets and application instructions in PDF format:

  Material safety data sheet Keralloy KB

  Application instructions Keralloy KB

Density g/cm³ 8,8
Hardness VH 10 286
Proof stress (MPa) 570
Modulus of elasticity (Mpa) 194
Elongation at rupture % 10
Tensile strength MPa 734
Melting range (°C) 1.309 – 1.417
Casting temperature (°C) 1.460
Composition-%:  Co: 64,0 Cr: 21,0 Mo: 6,0 W: 6,0
Other: Si, Fe, Mn
102805 Keralloy KB – 500 g
128051 Keralloy KB – 1 kg