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Die Stone

Natural material

For stump casts, crowns and bridges, high accuracy of fit as a result of low setting expansion, very smooth and hard surface.

Recommendation: crown and bridge models, implant models, master models with precious/non-precious alloys and VMK-technique, control models

Colour: peach

5,0 kg bag
4 x 5,0 kg bag
10,0 kg bucket
22,7 kg carton

Our safety data sheets and application instructions in PDF format:

  Material safety data sheet Die Stone

Colour peach
Water-Powder-ratio 22 : 100
Processing time in minutes 6
Setting time in minutes 10 – 12
Setting expansion % 0,07
Compressive strength, after 1 hour(MPa) 52
Compressive strength, dry (MPa) 75
200479 Die Stone – 4 x 5,0 kg bag
200475 Die Stone – 22,7 kg carton