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Mounting Stone

Natural material

Controlled plaster, very white, for precise impression and articulation work. Extremely low setting expansion and excellent positioning. Absolute precision is ensured for articulation casts. Its short setting time facilitates efficient work.

Recommendation: Articulation, pre-walls

Farbe: snow white

5 kg bag
4 x 5,0 kg bag
10,0 kg bucket
22,7 kg carton

Our safety data sheets and application instructions in PDF format:

  Material safety data sheet Mounting Stone

Colour snow white
Water-Powder-ratio 56 : 100
Processing time in minutes
Setting time in minutes 2 – 3
Setting expansion % 0,08
Compressive strength, after 1 hour(MPa) 18
Compressive strength, dry (MPa) 40
200504 Mounting Stone – 20 kg carton