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Keralloy N

Non precious casting alloy based on nickel for metal ceramic accord. DIN EN ISO 22674, type 3.

Keralloy® N is a high corrosion resistant bonding alloy based on nickel.
Keralloy® N is applicable for the laser technique and convinces through the low oxidation during the porcelain firings, also after several firing cycles.
Keralloy® N can be used with all standard high-sintering bonding porcelains and is free of beryllium, indium and gallium.

Our safety data sheets and application instructions in PDF format:

  Material safety data sheet Keralloy N

  Application instructions Keralloy N

Density g/cm³ 8,3
Hardness VH 10 180
Proof stress (MPa) 360
Modulus of elasticity (Mpa) 191
Elongation at rupture % 26,0
Tensile strength MPa 602
Melting range (°C) 1.298 – 1.344
Casting temperature (°C) 1.400
Composition-%:  Ni 63,0%, Cr 25,0%, Mo 9,0%, Si 2,0%, Nb 1,0%
REF 128165