Disposable Plunger

No preheating of the plunger!

  • Easy to handle
  • no more time-consuming divesting of reusable plungers
  • no micro cracks in the sprues
  • suitable for all pressable ceramic systems

Available in 2 blades: Ø 12 mm (e.g. Empress®/Ivoclar) and Ø 13 mm (e. g. e.max®/Ivoclar).
Content: 50 pieces


Our safety data sheets and application instructions in PDF format:

  Material safety data sheet Disposable Plunger

Processing time in minutes
Setting time in minutes
Setting expansion %
Compressive strength, after 1 hour(MPa)
Compressive strength, dry (MPa)
102650 Einweg-Pressstempel
102655 Einweg-Pressstempel ø 13 mm