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Mixing Spatula
Disposable mixing tips
Vacuum-mixer VM 2000
Stand for vacuum mixer VM 2000
Dispensing pump for 6 kg canister
Fast-lock with cover
Digital Solar Scale
Digital Timer
Pump spray bottle
Fixation device
Duplicating cross
Adhesive duplicating tape
Adhesive duplicating tape
Liquid dispensing bottle
Measuring syringe
Auxiliary Thermostat
Thinner for adhesive
Disposable ring tape
Sprue formers - 100 pieces
Silaform paste hardener
Silafill - blocking out material
Laser welding rods - 7 rods
Polishing sticks - 100 pieces
Mandrel - 12 pcs
Diafilz Felt Points - 12 pieces
Diamond Polishing Paste D7
Diamond Polishing Paste D15
Conofix pint - 30 ml
Rapid Trimmer ST 100
small chisel head
medium chisel head
large chisel head
Compressed air hose
Silaflux paste (5 g)
Occlutop starter set
Occlutop Tripod
Occlutop Articulation pins
Occlutop Pin casings
Harz Pumice Mouse
Measuring Cylinder
Gypsum Knife
Model system 2000 (Profident 2010) starter set
Pin base plate size 1
Model sleeve size 1
Study model plate size 1
Removal device size 1
Pin base plate size 2
Model sleeve size 2
Study model plate size 2
Removal device size 2
Profisep 2010 - 100 ml
Profisep 2010 - 500 ml
Profisep Clean - 400 ml
Dr. Balzer special plaster
Aluminum Oxyde
Pumice powder
Articulation plaster synthetic
Mounting Stone
Dura Semi-Hard Plaster
Spezial Plaster
Marmodent® S
Neo Marmorit®
Neo Marmorit® Speed
Neo Marmorit® Super
Ortho Plaster
CAM-Stone N
Die Stone
Marmoplast® N
Marmorock 20
Marmorock 22
Marmorock 24
Marmorock Speed
Neo Stone
Base Stone FL
Base Stone
Die Keen
Marmorock® E
Marmosep G
Marmosep K
Adisil® blue 9 : 1
Adisil® colorless clear 1 : 1
Adisil® pink 1 : 1
Hydrosil 1 : 1
Mixing bowl for the vacuum mixer VM 2000
Stabilizer, white
Marmovest G
Presto Vest II - speed investment
Silavest GOLD
Expansion liquid, type 100
Expansion liquid, type 140
Jet 2000
Conofix emery paper, 120 µm
Conofix emery paper, 240 µm
Conofix emery paper, 600 µm
Conofix emery paper mandrel
Silicone sleeves Ceram
Base plates with Silicone sleeves, round
Sprue formers
Silicone sleeves, model form
Model-shaped base plate, white
Wax wire
Wax wire
Wax adhesive
Premium Wax adhesive
Biral® 2000 H - 1 kg
Keralloy FG
Keralloy KB
Modiral S - 1 kg
V-Alloy FG - 1 kg
V-Alloy II - 1 kg
Special solder
Glass Beads
Korit Abrasive
Pumice paste
Deiberit 502®
Silaform 85 K
Silaform 90 extra-hard 1 : 1
Articulation plaster natural
Adisil® rapid 1 : 1
Disposable mixing tips
Dispenser unit 1 : 1
starter set crown and bridge technique
starter set investment casting
Handbook for accurate crown and bridge technique using the SILAD
Handbook for the investment casting of partial denture framework
Siladent Base former set
Siladent Base former OK
Siladent Base former UK
MarmoScan varnish
MarmoScan thinner
Granisit® XF Speed
Transparent packagings
TEK-1 VEST Liquid
Kemp brushes
Felt points
TEK-1 starter set
Neo Marmorit® E
Deiberit® Modeling pearl wax
Productcatalogue with price list
Poster the ten gypsum / investing rules
Poster SILADENT duplicating and investing techniques
Silavest Press
Ultrasonic polishing paste cleaner
Ultrasonic dental plaque cleaner
Kontursil yellow 1:1
Silapolish paste
CoCr BioStar w. Shoulder Ø 98.3 mm
TITAN BioStar w. Shoulder Grade 2
Zirkon BioStar Ø 98.5 mm, white
Zirkon BioStar Ø 98.5 mm, colour 500
Zirkon BioStar Ø 98.5 mm, colour 1000
Zirkon BioStar Z Ø 98.5 mm, white
Zirkon BioStar S block (21x15x15,5mm), white, Set á 10 pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (21x19x15,5mm), white, Set á 10 pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (40x15x14mm), white, Set á 10 pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (40x19x15,5mm), white, Set á 10 pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (65x25x22mm), white, pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (85x40x22mm), white, pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (40x15x14mm), colour 500, Set á 10 pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (40x19x15,5mm), colour 500, Set á 10 pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (65x25x22mm), colour 500, pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (85x40x22mm), colour 500, pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (85x40x22mm), colour 1000, pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (65x25x22mm), colour 1000, pcs.
Zirkon BioStar S block (40x19x15,5mm), colour 1000, Set á 10 pcs
Zirkon BioStar S block (40x15x14mm), colour 1000, Set á 10 pcs.
SilaPress Vario
SilaPress Veins 5g
SilaPress Bonding, 20ml
SilaPress flask S
SilaPress flask G
Silaform Gingiva
Silaform Gingiva Sep
Liquid dispenser unit LD - 1
Zirkon BioStar Ø 98.5 mm, colour 800
Zirkon BioStar Ø 98.5 mm, colour 1333
Zirkon BioStar Ø 98.5 mm, colour 2000
Gypsum Gloss
Aluminium gypsum scoop
GipEx Tabs
Disposable Plunger
Granisit® RPS
TEK-1 Polisher
TEK-1 Mandrel
Keralloy® BioStar
Marmoplast BioStar
Handbook SilaPress resin pouring using the SILADENT system
Zirkon BioStar HT Ø 98.5 mm, white
Wax BioStar w. Shoulder
TITAN BioStar w. Shoulder Grade 4
PMMA BioStar
Zirkon BioStar S block (55x19x15,5mm), white, pcs.
TITAN BioStar w. Shoulder Grade 5
Zirkon BioStar Polisher Set
Zirkon BioStar PrePolisher
Zirkon BioStar Polisher
Keralloy® N
Perawax NEM
SilaPoly colour set
SilaMill 4 Edition
SilaMill 5
SilaMill 5.8 with changer
Preinstalled laptop 15"
Wet Grinding Option
Switching Unit PSW 01-RSV
Administrated Tool Board (ATB)
SilaMill 5 classic-cutters with coating for nanocomposites
SilaMill 5 classic-cutters with coating for zirconium oxide
SilaMill 4 classic-cutters for non-precious alloys on CoCr basis
Compressed air hose of 2m meters for SilaMill 5
Silaform® Gingiva soft
Silaform® 80 medium hard 1:1
Juvora Dental PEEK grey-brown
MarmoScan-Spray Basic, 400ml bottle
Zirkon BioStar HT Smile Ø 98.5 mm
SilaMill Tec Liquid, 1.000 ml
Splint Plus BioStar
SilaMill N4 - 4-axis milling machine
Kontursil 1 : 1
Starter set Heat4Speed
Hotplate UC150
Hydredhermal firing plate
Cover-Liquid, 20 ml spray bottle
Sintering furnace HT-S Metal
Zirkon BioStar HT Ø 98.5 mm
SilaPart BioStar
Pins for Hydredhermal firing plate
Zirkon BioStar S-HT block
Silavest Evolution
Zirkon BioStar HT Smile Colour Ø 98.5 mm
Zirkon BioStar S-HT Smile
Pin base plate ECO size 1
SilaMill T5
Ceramill Sintron with shoulder Ø 98.5 mm
Sintering furnace Tabeo
ProfiCAD Preform model
ProfiCAD Preform quadra model
ProfiCAD Preform model holder
ProfiCAD Preform quadra model holder
ProfiCAD Splitcast - 50 pieces
ProfiCAD quadra splitcast
ProfiCAD Orbix-articulator - 10 pieces
ProfiCAD model adapter - 20 units
Economical duplicating flasks, blue
Universal cutter for SilaMill 4
SilaMill 4 classic-cutters for wax and plastic
SilaMill 4 classic-cutter for nanocomposites with special coating
SilaMill 4 classic-cutters for zirconium oxide with special coating
Milling classic-cutters for wax and plastics
Universal cutter for SilaMill 5
SilaMill 5 classic-cutters with diamond coating for zirconium oxide
SilaMill N 4 and 5 classic-cutters for glass ceramic
SilaPart CAD
Zirkon BioStar HT Smile Multilayer Ø 98.5 mm
Marmorock® Saphir
MarmoScan-Spray Plus, 200ml bottle
Zirkon BioStar HT ZZ Ø 95 mm
Zirkon BioStar HT Smile ZZ Ø 95 mm
Otoflash G171 - Flash-curing device
SilaPrint Cast UV red - 1.000g
SilaPrint model UV - 1.000g
smart optics Vinyl
Set of filter bags for Renfert TS
Juvora Dental PEEK oyster white
SILENT powerCAM EC for SilaMill
ZEUS abutment holder for N4
Silapolish fluid
Nippers for investments
SilaMill R5
SilaMill Z4
Zirkon BioStar HT Multilayer Ø 98.5 mm
YuDent™ Dental PEEK
SilaPrint 125 ULTRA
SilaMill T5 Edition